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The most popular services Greenwood Environmental offers fall into three groups: Initially, as part of the planning process, many customers want a baseline ecological survey to obtain a broad understanding of the ecological value of a site, and to identify any ecological issues there may be in terms of both potential negative impacts on either valuable habitats and features (e.g. a single ancient tree) or else on rare and protected species (such as great crested newts, nesting birds etc). The second type of study involves specific surveys to establish or monitor the status of a particular species or habitat, so that appropriate protection and mitigation measures can be implemented to ensure compliance with UK and EU wildlife law, Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPS) or planning policy e.g. NPPF. The third group of services includes producing  bespoke plans for preserving, enhancing and managing the ecological value of a site, often through government sponsored schemes such as BREEAM.  

Brownfield site ready for a Phase 1 habitat survey
Hedgehog survey BAP species
Green roof with sedums BREEAM ecological enhancement
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